Sep 30, 2009

Fun at Avillion Part Un

The celebration of Hari Raya  pleasantly but exhaustively ended with a family trip to Port Dickson last weekend. Yes, it does not boast to have the most beautiful snowy white sandy beach in Malaysia, but my elder sister was generous enough to book us one night at this cool resort Avillion (uh huh, somebody's got to work on Monday)... which is the same place where we stayed last year, with its beautiful above-the-ocean water chalets and convenient facilities and tranquil ambiance (eeek...sounds like I'm writing for a travels brochure or something...)
Naturally the idea of taking some  experimental  outfit shots (both to me stylistically and to my little sister who's learning to tinker with her new, shiny SLR bought using money, loaned from my mother of course) came to mind. Before leaving for PD I fumbled and panicked thinking what kind of clothes to bring there, and me being over-analytical and a bit OCD about outfits did not help much either!!! Did I mention I'm the ever slowpoke and last-minute kind of person who started packing for vacays after running  unnecessary errands that can be postponed the next week (for example going to the recycling centre to unload a heap of trash and a trip to Giant to browse for some cheap girl tights the very one hour before departure?)

 But may I smugly declare that all the rush and frenzy was worthwhile...upon arriving I suddenly had this inexplicable energy to dress up (and layer, mind you) despite the humid heat from the coastal air. A little strategy to beat Mother Nature has to be conjured, of course by wearing basic tank tops beneath while layering a spring /summer cardigan from the flimsiest fabric ever... I guess the excitement for outfit posts for DUNIA FASHYON came from thinking that there would be no next time for me to be in such a beautiful place as soon the government will summon me to serve them eternally in a distastefully designed hospital building somewhere in rural Malaysia...And so much so that I even managed to whip out a triple outfit shot in three separate entries especially for you dear reader(s)... hope you enjoy as much I did posting them!


As you could probably already smell I'm caught in the act trying to reproduce a pathetic rendition of the extraordinary Lanvin SS09's straw hat (still one of my favorite collections so far) and YSL SS10 billowy cardie+trousers combo. Lucas and Stefano must be itching to gang up on me if they had any chance...

Cardigan and tank top are both from People's..., trousers from my bottom half of my Baju Melayu costume, vintage Camel Adventure shoes, DIY frayed straw hat bought from street vendor in PD, thrifted belt

runway images from


ajidraai said...

OMG, pd is amazing kan.huhu.
like ur vintage style.unique n u have ur own class.

nice blog. ;DDD

janet said...

please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

Jiwo said...

Seriously. Epic pair of shoes.

itchy eLLie said...

awesome look, i adore the layering! you make me wish i were male ahahah!

Robbie Delon said...

Hey Naboonies,
I am planning on visiting Kuala Lampur next month and i was hoping you could recommend a few places, shopping, fine dining(no pork or alcohol though) book stores and other places of interest. Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

Robbie Delon

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