Jan 30, 2010

January borns and pastel

I should have up loaded these images last week but due to the ever-shitty internet connection that is haunting I could not do so.

Anyway last week was Helmi's birthday and we went to celebrate by dining out. We ate at this small Indonesian joint called Waroeng Penyet. Their menu revolves around 'flattened' (literally flat I tells ya) fried chicken and meatballs. It was good to just go crazy with greasy food once in a while. And as usual we exchanged work-related stories - whose specialist is the hottest/strictest/weirdest and which posting is the toughest, and more importantly we managed to at least alleviate each others' stress lingering on our shoulders for the past few weeks by sharing stories and funny experiences being new doctors.


I overdressed, as always. Had a Lanvin spring 09 vibe with the hat and guess what, I tried to wear the weird customised H&M pastel blazer again. Yes, the blazer initially had longs sleeves but I thought it will be better off with shorter sleeves. The result was a reminiscent of a ladies' office wear. (and the feminine silhouette does not help much either haha)


So I guess this is my another feeble attempt to wear pastels. It's certainly an art to master and if you looked around there are some people who can wears pastels amazingly like Susie Bubble or Francesco in Garance Dore's website (the short -sleeved blazer idea was inspired from his wonderful dusty marble one!)
The latest addition to my shoe collection is this pair of Jil Sander two-tone lace-ups, heavily discounted at Oki-ni and they were the last pair mind you! I was eyeing these shoes from the moment they were up on that site, thankfully they're mine now HAHA. The shoes are lovely, but it somehow irritates me to see the tar/rubber marks on the pure pastel grey of the right shoe.Oh well!

I think I've found my latest outlest for my online shopping addiction...Oki-ni's selections are fantastic despite being quite on the exorbitant side for me but I'll be waiting for the sales of course. And the shipping cost is pretty reasonable so the more the reason I should visit this site often...
I'm wearing customised straw hat, customised H&M ladies' blazer, deep V-neck tee by H&M, Forever 21 flower brooch Sisley pants, Topman canvas briefcase and Jil Sander lace-ups

 P/S: Another January born will celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Bonne anniversaire in advance!

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yat said...

motif x ajak kitorang hang out?
lawa la pakaian dr hafiz :p

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