Sep 5, 2010

First impression and its deceit

First impression is almost always a deception. More often than not one would judge a book by its cover and would be surprised to read the beautiful/ugly story beneath the cover. Have you ever came across or saw a person with a mohawk hair style and what would you be thinking?
A) this guy must be up to no good
B) he must have a 'trashy' lifestyle
C) he is not trustworthy
D) he is plain weird and has no future

But what about option E - it's just a hairstyle and perhaps it was a medium of self-expression, and maybe, maybe it does not directly reflect the true person that he is inside?

Such is the dilemma that I faced this week when I was asked by one of the specialists to immediately cut my so-called mohawk (more like a fauxhawk if you ask me) hair short just one day after I decided to have that bit of a 'daring' haircut. I admit being under the limelight this whole week is quite fun and it fed my narcissistic pet for being noticed but honestly it was not exactly THE limelight that I wanted to be under.


Everybody, from the specialists, medical officers, nurses, and even patients with their respective husbands had either a puzzled look or amusement on their faces whenever they notice me walk by. It's already year 2010 and truthfully I'm the one who is amused by how trivial issues like this would actually render people to question my credibility as a doctor.  Yes, that question DID surface among them and I could not help but be disappointed by how narrow-minded people around me still are. I don't take the comment by that certain Head of Department " what kind of stupid hairstyle is that?" to heart, no ,no, I have better things to do than linger on that minutiae.

But what shocked me to the core is the order from that certain specialist who adamantly demanded for me to immediately cut my hair right at that moment. (Well , to be fair she granted me 2 hours to do so and I was exempted from doing afternoon rounds). How more extreme could that this 'abiding by the rules' set by some nincompoop be? She would not just let me go home first and come back the next day with a more conservative haircut. No, she's just not THAT kind of person...


After a trip to a hair salon and RM35 poorer I went back to the hospital with a self-assuring thought that this haircut would be acceptable. Much to my dismay the same person told me my hair can still be trimmed so it can look like a flat-top army style! I had no other options but to let out a nervous chuckle and left a promise that I'd 'repair' it again. (well who is she kidding, of course I did not do anything to my hair after that)

The gut-wrenching bitterness did not just end there. Today while being complemented by female medical officers who unbelievably adored my shoes that I wore to work, I was given a warning by another male MO who was seemingly trying to advise me against pulling off such hair stunts and wearing such shoes because patients and their relatives might question my credibility as a doctor! This statement came from a person who has pungent body odor during post-call moments...


The shoes in point - Jil Sander of past season glory. To my defense I think there is not even one element that is outlandish or would cross the conservative civil servant image and personality code of ethics.

On a brighter note (and not to blow my own horn) most of my colleague house officers think it's really cool to have such hairstyle in the hospital environment - they thought it was a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of conservative people in the institution. Well, maybe if I became a hospital director someday I'd change the dressing codes once and for all....


Luckily I savored the moments of my 'unconventional' hairstyle in these few photos snapped by my sister at my brother's home in Seremban. I am wearing Zara blazer, Comme des Garcons tee, Sisley pants Jil Sander lace-ups and Happy Socks.


The aftermath - now I'm just waiting for my hair to grow back in a speedier manner...


Giancinephile said...

That's very sad! I do feel bad for you here and I'd certainly stand up for my Jil Sander shoes!!!!

I happen to recall an occasion wherein I was in a blazer in a laidback neighbourhood haunt and I already got countless stupid remarks and stares of annoyance. I'd hear stuff like ''What's with the clothes?'' and the like. I just consoled myself that because of their boring bourgeois existences, they can't take seeing individuals who have a sense of style that goes against the grain.

But in any case you just walk away proudly because shit can never be avoided in real life!


(nothingness) said...

perhaps you shouldn't have listened to that so called order. does you contract say you can't have fancy haircuts?

if someone told me to cut my hair, i'd leave without any regret ... although i do understand that in a housemanship situation, you don't really have a choice as you need to go through it

umar sharif said...

That's really sad man...

cos ur faux-hawk totally rocks. Ive been thinking of mohawks for a couple months already! And u pull it off quite well. 2 bad closed minds don't come with closed mouths huh?

Vans said...

People who are threatened by something or someone different make silly remarks.

A_Abdullah said...

Hey :) We liked this outfit + hair. Linked! We used a few of your pictures, if you dont mind!

University of Portsmouth's Malaysian Society said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adlyn Farouk said...

That was so awesome. Wished you could've kept it, because it is cool and such a departure from the conventional look. Yes, I really don't get the idea why civil servants all have to look.....civil.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am a fan of your blog.

And i just wanted to tell you that you should try out covering for mifa. Check their fb page, for the details. I mean seriously, the other blogs are like crap. I cannot watch our Malaysian Fashion Scene going spiraling down into ashes if anyone of them are going to cover mifa. So do it! Do it if you love fashion!

Oh and, I am going to forward this email to some of my other fave fashion bloggers. Good luck!

THIS IS NOT SPAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! okay, bye

HNF said...

I'm a lecturer. It's always the same issues of my crazy hair and tight office wear. the more they talk about it, the tighter my pants get.

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