Nov 4, 2010

What else will be missed?

Lately I'm pondering my fate as a blogger who posts not much of substantial information about fashion, but instead putting up rather self-centered imagery of my outfits online. There were a few occasions in which I tried to cover fashion-related events but alas, my job and untimely on-call schedules hinders my desire to update you readers regarding fashion in Malaysia. For example I missed the ultra-cool Halloween fashion party at MUSA last week, plus the newly-opened TOPMAN flagship at Suria KLCC.  In addition currently Malaysia International Fashion Week is on full force (even though most people have BAD comments about it I do really want to see some creations up-close)

To add salt to injury, as everybody knows from my Facebook / Twitter I am going to be missing the first UNIQLO opening in Malaysia which will be held tomorrow (November 4th) at the GIGANTIC  flagship at Fahrenheit 88 at the heart of Jalan Bukit Bintang. Anyways Tongue In Chic did a really good job at producing this walkthrough video for losers like me who will have a high amount of chance of not making it on the day of the opening.

Should I really let out a big sigh for missing all these huge fashion-related events? I don't know about you but  I think the stars are not aligned for me to be a fully pledged fashyon blogger...

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