Oct 10, 2011

Too purple to be true

Whenever I travel I always try to bring clothes that I rarely wear during 'normal' days (did you know I wear bland shirts and reworked old trousers to work?). The reason being I feel rather uneasy to attract unnecessary attention at my workplace, you know, like that bad impression kind of attention. I do not intend to take the risk and possibly further tarnish my somehow feeble reputation at the hospital.

 I believe that even a big city like Kuala Lumpur has its reservations towards 'unconventional' clothing, so much so that in order to be 'fashionable' you have to wear something very conformist, safe and ultimately unimaginative. Once I pull out that non-conservative rabbit from the hat and walk around the city's biggest malls, almost immediately I'd get that stare, or sometimes even a whistle or two (the reason being, er, I dress too flamboyantly I suppose?), which somehow demotivates me to further experiment with clothes. 

 So I have decided to live in my own fantasy world of ridiculous and so-called tacky clothing whenever the time and location permit, for example during the trip to Singapore, of course!

I visited the Universal Studios in an almost top-to-toe purple outfit. Even the fake Marilyn Monroe in that thick American accent gawked in disbelief at my too colourful getup. But ironically the phony Joker from Batman complimented my bright-hued trousers. I personally prefer a darker wash than the current purple, so, I'm thinking to maybe dye them in an indigo blue to make them, well, more blue...


I'm almost blending in with the background, no?

I am wearing cowl-collared shirt from Topman, Miu Miu sleeveless tank, vintage trousers (my father's), Celine Bi-cabas bag, Jil Sander shoes, socks from Happy Socks.

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